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Signs Your Garage Door Needs a Tune-Up


With regular, preventative maintenance, you can ensure a safe environment for yourself, your children, and your pets. If you find that a few years or more have gone by without a professional garage door technician checking over your door, please give Premium Living Victoria a call! You can greatly reduce the cost of repairs and lengthen the life of your door by inviting a professional from Premium Living Victoria to provide regular, preventative maintenance.

If you are unsure how long it has been, or if you doubt your door needs attention from a professional, then here is a list of signs to watch for that indicate your door needs some attention from a Premium Living Victoria professional.

Please do not attempt to repair garage doors without professional help and/or supervision.

Now, how are some signs your garage door might need a tune up:

Unusual Noises When the Door Opens and Closes

Unusual sounds of grinding or scraping, including unsteady movement or jerking while lifting or closing is usually a sign there’s a problem with your garage door. The causes vary greatly from debris or a loose accessory on the track to misaligned tracks. Best to have a professional from Premium Living Victoria check it out as it may appear small but have large consequences to the proper functionality of the door.

Door Stops Halfway?

Your garage door opener comes with a limit and force setting that determine the amount of force it is allowed to exert while opening/closing. If this setting is improper, it can cause your door to stop midway, thinking the job is done. The best way to avoid large expenses is to catch the potential issue sooner than later during your annual service call with Premium Living Victoria.

What Causes Garage Doors to Buckle?

There are several reasons for the door to become buckled. Most buckling is preventable with proper care and regular maintenance from a trained technician, thus saving future expenses related to door damage or replacement.

  • The door material may be a low-quality metal that is prone to buckle with excessive pressure
  • Heavy winds and stormy conditions can damage door panels. You may need to replace individual door panel segments or, at the very least, have the tracks adjusted before resuming normal functionality of the door
  • The tracks ensure the door rollers open and close in line with the doorframe. If these tracks become misaligned, it can lead to stiff or, ultimately, a buckled door. An annual service call from Premium Living Victoria can correct the problem before it becomes a problem
  • Struts may be needed as they support the weight of the door as it moves which ensures a smooth and hitch-free open and close of your garage door, which reduces the risk of buckling or bending from the weight or movement of the door

What was that Loud Banging Noise?

Most likely the sound was from a very large spring breaking. DO NOT attempt to lift the door further as it will cause more damage and thus more expensive repairs. Call Premium Living Victoria to have a trained technician come to replace your spring(s). If you have a vehicle trapped inside, let us know and we will do what we can to get there as soon as possible, otherwise, plan to make other travel arrangements so you can go about your day.

Why Can I See Light Around the Edge of the Door and There is a Draft?

When the door is closed, there should be no light or drafts around the edges. Over time, the weather-strip across the bottom of the door becomes stiff, rigid and/or damaged due to inflexibility.  The perimeter weather-stripping helps close the gap on the top and sides of the door. These sections can become torn or misshapen if the door is misaligned and rubs against the stripping too much, or if they run into something while in use. If the weather stripping is cracked, dried, discolored, droopy, torn, or misshapen, call Premium Living Victoria to have your weather-strip replaced.


That’s concludes the main things to look out for. Remember, do not attempt to repair a garage door yourself as there are a lot of moving parts and it can be seriously dangerously, so please reach out to a professional at Premium Living Victoria for all your garage door repair and maintenance needs!

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