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Can you replace a section of a garage door?

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Accidents happen and sometimes your garage door takes the brunt of it! If you have a section of your garage door that needs repairing or replacing, here’s what you should know:

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Can you replace just a section of a garage door?

While it is possible to replace just a section of a garage door, there are a couple factors you’ll want to keep in mind.

  1. How old is your existing door? If it’s older than 10-12 years, getting the whole door replaced might be a better option (as you’ll soon see why).
  2. How badly damaged is the section? A damaged garage door can be annoying, especially if it doesn’t open or close correctly, and sometimes it’s not feasible to repair the section alone.

Generally speaking, replacing just a section or two of a garage door is more cost-effective than replacing the whole thing but depending on the age and state of the garage door, you might find it’s a better option to upgrade your garage door entirely.

In any case, you should reach out to a qualified professional for a free quote and to assess the state of your door. Importantly, do not try to fix or replace the panel yourself! Let a professional help you source and install the proper parts and repair your garage door back to peak functionality safely, quickly, and affordably.

What sections of a garage door can be replaced?

Any section of a garage door can be replaced, theoretically. Typically, the sections of a garage door that need the most replacing are the top and bottom sections.

Both of these sections are a little more unique than the middle sections. That’s because the top section has some built in hardware (namely, a strut and an operator bracket) on the back that makes the door function as it does.

The bottom section also is unique in that it has weather-stripping on the bottom edge to provide a seal and to protect against water leaking into the garage from outside.

When is it time to replace a garage door versus replace just a section?

When deciding whether it’s worth it to replace just a panel of a garage door or the whole thing, the first thing to consider is how old the door is.

If the door is older than 10+ years old (or closer to 20 years old), you may have already gotten the most use out of your garage door and replacing or repairing a couple panels might just be a stop-gap in between upgrading to something newer.

Also after about 3-5 years it is hard to get a matching section. They may still have one that looks the same but the parts that connect the sections can change. It’s helpful if you can find out the manufacturer and model of the door – there are normally stickers on the side of the door panel with this information.

The other factor to consider is how badly damaged is the section of the door.

While sometimes the damage could be cosmetic and easily repaired with a little filler and paint, more extensive damage can affect operability and appearance of the door.

Considering that your garage door accounts for about 1/3rd of your home, and can boost its resale value and curb appeal, deciding on whether to repair or replace the whole door is something we can help you to figure out.

You’ll also enjoy some of the latest technologies that come with a new garage door such as energy efficiency options, motion sensors, and smart technology!

How do garage door sections get damaged?

Accidents happen, whether due to human-error or natural causes, like a severe storm.

A car that has crashed nose-first into a, now damaged, garage door and is half-way in the garage with pieces of a broken garage door sections hanging out
Accidents happen!

Most commonly, the sections of a garage door that experience the most damage are the bottom panels, and this is usually due to impact from a vehicle.

This can be because the driver got distracted and didn’t notice that the garage door was still closed when they tried backing out, or, it could be the case that your garage door is not functioning properly (not opening fully) and this may have led to an accident.

One tip to avoid this accident is to open your garage door manually instead of from the remote control in your car.

Also, having your garage door serviced regularly will ensure that your door is working as expected and reduces the chances of such an accident!

How to match a section to an existing garage door?

When it comes time to find a replacement panel for your garage door, it’s helpful if you can find out the manufacturer and model of the door so that one of our garage door repairmen can check with the manufacturer to see about finding the right replacement part.

We carry and are familiar with all the major garage door companies including Clopay and Amarr but locating a replacement panel can be challenging, especially if the door is older.

In most cases, we can find similar parts that we can match up using specific paint made for exterior doors. Doing a complete repaint may be necessary if the replacement section is not an exact match but you still want the garage door to look nice from the outside.


Bottom line: if your door is newer and the damage is slight, replacing panels is the most cost-effective way to go.

On the other hand, if your door is older and the damage is significant, you can replace the entire garage door and enjoy the benefits of having a new, modern garage door which include increasing the value of your home and taking advantage of some of the newer features of garage doors.

The expert garage door specialists at Premium Living Victoria can walk you through all the options from A to Z and give you the best price and service on repairing or replacing all or part of your garage door.

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