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Keep the bugs out with one of the many premium screen products available including retractable door screens, custom window screens, patio screen doors and more. We carry countless options to match the aesthetics and construction of your home or business and our highly-recommend team, including Wizard Victoria, provides installation, service and repair to Victoria BC and surrounding areas.

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Vertical Pull-Down Screen for garages, windows, large openings, and more.

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Custom Window Screens

Premium Living Victoria can custom fabricate screens for any type of window. We use only extruded aluminum, which is formed in one piece. Extruded aluminum window bar is many times stronger than the more common rolled bar which bends and breaks easily, including when removing them for window washing. We also use many different types of mesh, some of which focus on blocking out UV rays and tiny bugs while others are meant to resist pets’ claws.

Retractable Door Screens

Retractable door screens are a versatile, customized, and stylish addition to any home or business. They are the perfect single-screen solution for homeowners or business owners looking to make the most of an unobstructed outdoor view. Retractable Screens allow you to flood indoor space with sunlight and a breeze while protecting yourself from pests, biting insects, and harmful UV rays.

With options featuring Captured Mesh Technology, our Retractable screen doors are capable of screening windows and doors of almost any height and width with a durable, wind and pet resistant mesh. Options include screens that pull side to side, and screens that pull up and down. We supply numerous brands including Wizard Screen Solutions and Mirage Retractable Screen Systems.

Specific products available are The SmartScreen , The Horizon, the Retractaview, and the VistaView.

Motorized Retractable Screens

Motorized Retractable Screens from Wizard Screens and  Stobag could be the perfect way to create a more open environment in your home. Motorized Retractable Screens are designed for insect, privacy, and sun control at the touch of a button. For openings of almost any height and width, these energy-efficient systems are perfect for patios, garages, windows, and any opening or space where privacy, sun, or insect control is required. Also available is vinyl to provide weather protection.

Specific products available are The SmartScreen Motorized Retractable Screen and The Ventosol.

Are window screens a standard size?

There are several different eras of homes and buildings in historic Victoria, BC, so we know that windows come in many sizes and varieties. There are sliding, push-out, awning, casement, and flange style windows with wood, vinyl, aluminum, plaster, or fiberglass framing. All these variables mean precise measurements, down to the 1/16th of an inch, are necessary for our fabrication team to make you the perfect screen. Most screens we fabricate are less than 15 square feet in area.

What are window screens made with?

The screens from Premium Living Victoria use a heavy duty, extruded aluminum bar, a rust-proof material that doesn’t bend easily, for the frame. The screen frame not only comes in different colours, but also different thicknesses to properly fit into a window frame. The mesh that then fits into this screen is pressed into grooves along the perimeter using a polyurethane spline.

Screen Mesh

The most important component of a screen is the mesh, thin fiberglass fabric strands woven to prevent bugs from flying in while still letting air flow through. Aside from our standard charcoal mesh, we provide other options to create a more functional screen. We offer the following mesh upgrades:

  • Pet mesh (for extra durability)
  • Solar mesh (for UV ray protection)
  • Noseeum mesh (keeps tiny noseeum bugs out)
  • Grey fiberglass mesh
  • Aluminum mesh

How to measure for a window screen

We offer professional measurement and consultation services at a low rate across Greater Victoria. For an additional travelling fee, we also service north to Qualicum Beach and Port Renfrew as well as the Gulf Islands (contact our office to see if you are included in our South Island/Gulf Island travel areas). If you would like to measure for window screens, please contact our office and we can send you our measuring guide.

How to install a window screen

Because not all windows have a simple vinyl channel that screens can fit into, sometimes a little extra help is needed from our premium technicians. We provide professional installation services so that your window screens stay put and are easy to take out for cleaning. If you would like to install them yourself, our staff will give you installation tips at the time of pickup. There are countless ways to properly install a window screen.

Repairing window screens

If you already have a window screen but the mesh is ripped, the frame is bent, or you just want a new one altogether, we can either remesh your screen, replace the bent bar, or provide you with a window screen replacement exactly to the screen you provide us with. We also have replacement window screen frames should yours be damaged or need replacement.

Is it more cost effective to repair or replace window screens?

While it is cost effective to replace the mesh and spline on an existing screen frame, if your window screens are old, worn down, or made with rolled bar aluminum that is prone to bending and dents, in the long run, it is worth it to make new screens altogether. For example, if you take out your window screens every so often for cleaning, some screen frames, such as those made with rolled bars, will quickly bend out of shape and the mesh will tear sooner. Our window screens are made to last.

Are there screens for sliding doors? Swing doors? French doors?

Yes! We have screen solutions for any door or window opening in your home, be it a sliding glass door, bifold glass doors, or even a garage door opening, we can outfit your home for convenience and to perfection. Two of our most popular screen solutions are the RetractaView and VistaView from Wizard Industries. Our premium options are motorized and have smartphone capabilities.