Extend the functionality of your patio or yard with a retractable awning. Premium Living Victoria has the right model for your specific application. Each awning is custom made to fit your patio and your home decor with various awning models and types to choose from. Available in manual or motorized options including options to have it connected to your SmartHome system. 

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Extend the functionality of your home or yard with an awning

Awnings and retractable awnings are a great way to extend the functionality of your yard!

Premium Living Victoria has the right model for your specific application and the knowledge to install it. Awnings are available in a variety of colour choices to match your home. Available in both motorized and manually operated versions, the brands that we supply are StobagMitjavila and have recently added SunPro to our line up with select sizes IN STOCK and ready to install within a couple of months. 

We are proud to announce that all motorized retractable awnings have the option to be SmartHome compatible, able to connect with any preexisting Smart system. This produces the ability to automate routines such as opening the Awnings in the morning and closing them in the evening.

Canofix Awnings are stationary, single panel, and customized. With up to 59” projection, the Awning is widely used for windows, doors, balconies, patios, terraces, and shop-fronts. Made with polycarbonate, these awesome awnings are durable and because they are made in a single panel up to 92’, there will be no leakage between brackets.

What is an awning?

Awnings are lightweight framed structures with a sheet of fabric, often canvas or acrylic, stretched taut to protect a window, doorway, or deck from sun and rain. As awnings have a wide range of applications and purposes, there are several different makes and builds available to best suit one’s home.

What types of awnings are there?

We supply retractable and motorized awnings, and the following are just some of the ones our customers love: folding arm awning, box awning, cassette awning, cubic box awning, conservatory awning, terrace awning, large pavilion awning, lamella awning, and vertical awning.

How are awnings installed?

Awnings require a structure, like your home, condo, a tiny home, trailer, or shopfront, to be fixed to. These structures can be made of wood, concrete, steel, brick, stucco, and more. The awning is then mounted to the structure’s wall, soffit, ceiling, or roof, depending on what will best support the weight of the awning, using brackets designed specifically for your awning model and its application. Sometimes, a wooden or aluminum ledger board is required for extra reinforcement and our technicians will install this as needed.

Awning fabrics

Most awning fabrics are made with acrylic fiber. Acrylic fabrics have the following qualities: water-resistance, stain-resistance, high UV-protection, and bright & lasting colours. We also carry other acrylic fabrics with additional protection against water, fire, and heat. These flame-retardant and water-repellent fabrics are most ideal for restaurants and other commercial applications.

Awning frames

Our awning models have up to 30 different frame colours, the most common choice being a classic pure white. These frames are made with sturdy, rust-proof, easy-to-clean steel with premium powder-coating to protect the structure from typical weathering. Furthermore, different finishes are available to give the frame a matte, smooth, or silky luster gloss.

Awning Valances

Decorative  valances add about 7” of matching fabric to the awning’s front edge. A more contemporary version of the trim valance is known as the “drop-down valance,” a retractable valance that can drop down to cover up to 5’6” of height along the entire width of your awning. Drop-down valances are added for extra sun protection and come in a variety of acrylic and mesh screen material to create a comfortable space.

Awning Operation

Our retractable awnings can be operated with the press of a button or the turn of a crank. Some awnings even have the optional upgrade of a manual override crank in case the wind kicks up and your power goes out. For the windy West Coast, our most popular upgrade is a wind sensor. These pocket-sized wind sensors attach to the awning’s motor and when they detect movement and vibrations, the wind sensor tells the awning motor to retract the fabric to prevent any serious wind damage.

Are awnings worth it?

Awnings provide the most aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly sun and weather protection. You can maintain natural air flow and an optimal climate without breaking the bank annually with an air-conditioning system. In addition to overhead awnings on a deck or patio, you can place vertical motorized awnings on your windows to keep your house cool anytime of the year. Awnings are the best way to have an outdoor oasis while keeping the sun’s UV rays and heat out. Add functionality, privacy, and peace of mind to your home with an awning from your local home improvement business, Premium Living Victoria.