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All About Garage Door Repair

Learn the answers to some of the more common garage door repair questions from Victoria's premium living experts.

It’s one of those things that from time to time needs our attention –  garage door repair. Take it from the diverse team at Premium Living Victoria, which includes the team at Garage Door Depot, to answer some of the most common garage door repair questions including maintenance and self-repair questions.

And of course, PLV offers garage door repair in and around Victoria BC and the Gulf Islands.

How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Garage Door?

The average cost to repair a garage door is $150-$300 depending on the type and size of door you have, and the type of repairs needed. The most common repairs include the cables, opener, springs, tracks, photo-eyes, and locks which each cost between $99 and $650 on average.

Take into consideration that there are so many factors involved in garage door repairs. And how long the garage door repair will take, it’s nearly impossible to guarantee what the exact cost will be. However, most of the time the garage door repair will cost the same as quoted as long as it’s not more work than what was originally expected.

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Is a Garage Door Tune-up Worth it?

Likely there is no other part of your home that experiences as much wear and tear as your garage door. The average garage door will go up and down approximately 1000 times a year. When kept in good working order, it provides convenience and security, but a neglected door can not only become as noisy as a train but also pose a safety risk.

How Often Do Garage Doors Need Maintenance?

Garage doors should be serviced once a year or if a problem comes up. Garage door maintenance includes checking the garage door, testing the garage door opener, tightening hardware, cleaning tracks, lubricating rollers, springs. Annual maintenance helps you get the most out of your garage door. Although many issues may not be noticeable or detectable, they are still problematic factors posing a risk of further problems that may be much more challenging to resolve down the road. Most garage doors come with manuals, and maintenance should be considered.

What Causes a Garage Door to Stop halfway?

Your garage door opener comes with a limit setting that limits the amount of force it’s allowed to exert while opening/closing. If this setting is improper, it can cause your door to stop midway, thinking its job is done. The best way to avoid large expenses is to catch the potential issue sooner than later by having a tech out to tune-up your door and opener once a year. Being consistent with this can save you hundreds of dollars in future repairs.

Why is my Garage Door Bowing in the Middle?

The most common reason a garage door will bow is due to extreme temperature differences between the indoor and outdoor spaces. When one side of the door is hot, and the other side is cold, a wood or insulated door can start to bow. In most cases, the door will bow towards the warmer temperature area.

On occasion the door could bow if the opener is hung too high, the bar arm that pushes the door down is at too much of an angle. When this occurs, the bar pushes down instead of forward, causing the center of the top section to bend and buckle. If this problem is not corrected, the top section will get damaged and need to be replaced.

Can You Unbend a Garage Door?

Yes, you can simply hammer out the bend – One of the simplest fixes you can do is hammering out the bend in the garage door. If it’s a simple dent, then this shouldn’t be too hard to do. You’ll need a 2X4, and a rubber mallet. Place the wood on the good side of the door and tap it with the hammer. This should help flatten out the garage door on the other side.

Can You Replace Just One Panel of a Garage Door?

Section replacement is possible. Damaged sections can be replaced. Most commonly it Is the top section or the bottom section that initially gets damaged or takes the most force from some type of Impact. But all sections can be replaced individually or as a set. The older a door is, the harder it gets trying to find the same panel or even a matching one.

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