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Securing Downtown Victoria Business

An image of a boarded up window on the front of a business in Victoria BC

Downtown Victoria has long-been known for its local charm and historic landmarks, and local business owners are proud to be of the fabric of this city. But if you’ve walked the downtown streets in the last couple of years, you’ve likely noticed an increase in seemingly random acts of vandalism and theft.

At Premium Living Victoria, we believe in preserving and protecting Victoria’s vibrant community. Although we do sell security products as part of our home improvement offerings, what we really sell, in these cases, is peace of mind.

In this article we’ll highlight a few of our security products that will help provide some peace of mind and protection for local business owners.

Security Solutions for Victoria Businesses and Homes

While vandalism in Victoria is a problem that needs to be addressed, at Premium Living Victoria, we’re committed to helping business owners and residents better secure their premises and home as to provide them with greater peace of mind. Our lineup of security products includes roll shutters, window barriers, and scissor security gates, each expertly installed and customized to fit your exact measurements in order to provide maximum security.

Window barriers are physical barriers installed over windows or glass storefronts to enhance security without sacrificing visibility. These barriers are designed to deter break-ins, vandalism, and unauthorized access while allowing natural light to pass through and maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the building.

Scissor security gates, also known as folding gates or accordion gates, are retractable barriers used to secure openings like doors, storefronts, or hallways. The primary benefit of a security gate is the heightened level of security it provides, serving as a deterrent to unauthorized entry and significantly reducing the risk of break-ins, vandalism, and theft.

Finally, roll shutters provide an impenetrable barrier for your doorways and windows, preventing entry while window barriers and security gates provide an equally effective level of protection. One of the primary reasons people choose roll shutters is for enhanced security. When fully closed and locked, roll shutters create a strong and virtually impenetrable barrier. This deters burglars, vandals, and intruders, making it difficult for them to access your property through windows or doors.

At Premium Living Victoria, our team of dedicated security professionals are here to work closely with business owners. Since every property and security situation is unique, we take the time to listen to business owner’s concerns and assess their specific security needs. Our experts will conduct a thorough evaluation of the property and, based on this assessment, provide them with tailored recommendations on the right security products for their situation.

Why Invest In The Security of your Business

Investing in security shouldn’t be viewed as an expense but an investment in the future of your business. By taking proactive steps today to secure your premises, you not only protect your business assets but also create a safer environment for your customers and employees.

In fact, studies have shown that businesses with visible security measures are less likely to be targeted by criminals. Additionally, many insurance providers offer reduced premiums for businesses that invest in security systems. It’s a win-win situation that helps you safeguard your business while potentially lowering your operational costs and deterring would-be vandals.


While the increase in break-ins and vandalism in downtown Victoria is a sad reality we can’t easily ignore, there are actions that can be taken to better secure downtown stores and deter theft and vandalism. While this unfortunate reality remains, Premium Living Victoria is ready to assist local business owners and ensure a safer future for the downtown.

Contact Premium Living Victoria for a personalized security assessment. We’re here to answer your questions, address your concerns, and help you choose the right security solutions for your business. Together, we can fortify our community and keep the spirit of downtown Victoria alive and thriving.

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